Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Go Green


You can take Rashtra out of trash. Or you can take trash out of a Rashtra. Either way, we all win. Go Green.

Tip #1:
Do not use paper cups. Either at work or home. Use a glass bottle, use a porcelain mug, use a steel tumbler. But never a paper cup.

Tip #2. Of course, pens are not just dime a dozen but free at your favorite stationery room at work. Be considerate and do not use another pen until you are done with the current one. Guard it with same love you would give to your iPod.

Tip #3. Ditto for the notepad. Do not grab another one until you have used up all the pages from the current one.

Tip #4. Turn off all energy consuming accessories at your desk when you call it a day. These include desktop fans, water fountains, lamps, cellphone chargers, monitors, etc.

Tip #5. Get into habit of writing small notes on your hand held device. It saves paper. And you are less prone to lose it. Better yet, email that note to yourself. Now it will stay forever and moreover searchable. What was the phone number of handyman that Janet highly recommended?

Tip #6. Do not print directions to places which are close to familiar places. Just jot down last few turns. You know how to get to higway from your place. All you need to know is which exit to take and what do after that. It is usually less than 5 steps.

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